smartcockpit announces partnership with SourceOne Advisory in Poland

smartcockpit is delighted to announce its partnership with SourceOne Advisory to build its business in Poland.

SourceOne Advisory is a consulting company specializing in the field of outsourcing, sourcing and procurement processes. It also supports customers in the development of shared services and business process outsourcing type centers. SourceOne Advisory works for the most renowned clients in Poland such as T-Mobile, Polish Railway Lines, DHL Express and ING Bank. Its CEO, Piotr Rutkowski, is the author of numerous publications in the field of outsourcing and leads lectures on the subject of outsourcing and sourcing strategies for post-graduate studies. Proposing the best solutions to his clients in order to have a better comprehension of their business through useful KPIs is key to him. You may read more in this article (in Polish). Piotr Rutkowski looks for the most pragmatic solutions that will help his clients perform better in a short period. This is why he chose to integrate smartcockpit in his product portfolio.

Smartcockpit is a unique one-stop decision support platform that enables companies to address their requirements in areas as diverse as compliance, audit, project supervision, performance improvement and more. This pragmatic tool enables business users to immediately create KPIs, give a complete context to the situation, and visualize the impact of decisions. Large organizations in various industries such as transports, banks, insurance, administrations and manufacturing are already using the solution to drive their business. Smartcockpit is proud to continue its international expansion and to be recommenced by SourceOne in Poland!